I don't remember this part of the story in Sunday school.

Took these with a lens I got a thrift shop a while back. The lens is pretty garbage, or at least I haven't been able to get "good" results out of it, but it sometimes adds an unearthly feel I like.

Lmao, does military IFF really operate on the same frequencies as adsb? That's pretty funny to me, but I guess it makes sense in a weird way.

I'm pretty sure this won't destroy your speakers, but no promises. Also, be careful with headphones. This is just the mixer pretty much. I ran it through a tube driver and added some ping pong delay.

That number is supposed to be increasing rapidly right? Pls halp i am not gud wit computar

Think I just id'd a plant based off a Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't video. Behold, Lupinus concinnus (I think) Probably my favorite plant.

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