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Thank you windows 11 for letting me know that USD is down vs JPY. This is super relevant to me and I care a lot and also gfy.

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Wow, this disk got Special Fucked.
I'm not even sure what happened here. Maybe rewrite half of it on a drive with a faulty index sensor?

What's this strange and novel feeling? Ambition maybe?

Took these with a lens I got a thrift shop a while back. The lens is pretty garbage, or at least I haven't been able to get "good" results out of it, but it sometimes adds an unearthly feel I like.

Love it when important union emails end up in my spambox

Actually, looking at it now, the ui seems pretty sane. I might not have minded.

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I know I would've hated this if it came out when I was working, but I want it now.

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@frog I made floating betta hides out of plastic wine glasses and my frogs took them over. Thought you might enjoy this. #pets #fishofmastodon #frogsofmastodon #animals

Ahh late spring. I guess I should change my watch widget to show air quality rather than chance of rain.

I’m getting better. Moving the trash can from the shopping cart to the wishlist.

I've left the room and forgotten the task I left the room for.

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I want to express something fundamental, but I don't know what it is or the medium I could express it in. I just have the urge.

Probably not worth the tradeoffs, but making a pan sauce on a gas stove is a dream. Cooking in general really.

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Some very pretty very red Neotinea ustulata (burnt tip orchids) and normal ones for comparison. Seen on the weekend in Vienna. I first thought it must be some kind of hybrid but after reading a bit it's probably a so-called hyperchromatic variation.

Also trying the wild orchids group tag thing - do I tag as @wildorchids or as @wildorchids ?

#orchids #wildorchids #inaturalist

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